Tuesday, 6th November, 09:00 - 17:00
Madejski Stadium, Reading. Directions

Hewlett Packard

Keynote Speaker

Ian Yorston

Director of Digital Strategy, Radley College

Talk Title: Insights from Education's Digital Strategy Guru

About Speaker:

Ian Yorston is Director of Digital Strategy at Radley College in the United Kingdom.

He has acquired a reputation as something of a "guru" in the education sector and now lectures around the world. He aims to encourage change in a sector that is often unhelpfully conservative.

He is the retiring Chair of the Independent Schools Council Digital Strategy committee and also sits on their Child Welfare group. For 10 years he was a Governor of OLA School, Abingdon where he chaired the Marketing and Communication committee. He spent many years as a School Inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

Prior to Radley he spent 10 years in the Royal Air Force including 3 years as an Electronic Warfare Officer. This involved a lot of computers and a number of wars. He also spent a great deal of time working alongside Americans.

"I have previously been Head of Science, Head of Physics and Head of Careers. Beyond Radley, I act as an advisor to the Independent Schools Council, I am a Governor of a Catholic day school and also an ISI Schools' Inspector.

Prior to Radley I spent ten years in the Royal Air Force, including three years as an Electronic Warfare Officer. This involved a lot of computers and a number of wars. I also spent a great deal of time working alongside Americans. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing. If I did have a youth then it was a long time ago. I spent some of it reading Economics and Engineering Science at Oxford University."


Paul Hiscox

Senior Technical Analyst, ITEC

Talk Title: Enabling a mobility infrastructure for Digital Learning

It’s evident that today’s students are showing up in classrooms knowing more about technology than previous generations. They’ve grown up tech-savvy and prefer to do everything on mobile devices. Are classrooms ready and Wi-Fi enabled to learn using these devices? With growing resources being cloud-enabled, is the whole school network built to enable mobility? Are you fed up with Apps being blocked or slow in school, and IT teams denying control? In this session we will consider how to use the student creativity of devices, with an infrastructure that delivers and monitors.

About Speaker:

A mobility expert with ITEC, Paul has delivered and advised hundreds of school Wi-Fi projects. Paul has over 15 years experience working in the Education sector and advised technology companies, local authorities and DfE on delivering standards of Wi-Fi for schools.

Neil Sawyer

Commercial Channel & Education Director, HP

Talk Title: The Future of Education Technology. What does it mean to you?

A look at what is coming on the horizon. The key macro-economic and megatrends that will affect our industry, economy and education over the coming months and years. In 2025 there will be more data than earth itself, there will be 5 generations of workforce employed by the majority of large businesses. So what can we do today to educate and inform the education industry how we can adapt to these changes.

About Speaker:

Neil manages the UK&I Channel & Education/SMB sales organization at HP which focuses on all aspects of HP’s Printing, Personal Systems, Mobility and Software Solutions portfolio.

This encompasses Distribution, Corporate SI’s, ISV’s and the SME/Education reseller channel. In addition to this Neil also carries the revenue responsibility for the Education and Mid-Market End User Sales team in where in all cases, we partner with an HP reseller to fulfill those customer needs.

Over the last 15 years, Neil has worked in a number of roles from an Operations, Strategy, Marketing and Sales perspective for HP, Samsung and Vodafone.

One of Neil's keen areas of interest is how HP look to promote and develop the digital skills of people today and in the future. He firmly believes this will make significant inroads into the future economic prosperity of the economy in Great Britain and Ireland.

Outside of work Neil is a keen runner, plays his fair share of golf (mostly in Ireland) and enjoys live music. His particular passion is rugby and even moved to Twickenham, London to be close to the stadium on match days!

Sonny Sharma

Founder of New Ways to Learn and Spongy Elephant

Talk Title: Beyond the Technology

The game changer for edtech in the classroom is not the technology, but the ways in which it can be harnessed and applied by those using it. In this session I want to introduce you to a simple methodology that will help you to sift through the plethora of edtech software, apps and hardware out there towards building your very own Transformation Toolkit. It is a harsh approach, but then being told that investing heavily in school computers and classroom technology does not improve pupils' performance (OECD, Sept 2015) is also a harsh reality. How can we measure the impact technology can have in new ways and crucially how can we use these metrics to make informed decisions about future edtech investments?

About Speaker:

Sanjesh (Sonny) is the founder of New Ways to Learn, an edtech company which has worked with hundreds of schools and Trusts all over the UK (and internationally) on getting the most of technology. With over 20 years in the education sector, with 15 years as both a teacher and senior leader, Sanjesh now works with schools with three key motives – using technology effectively, creating more sustainable practices and improving student engagement by making digitally-enabled lessons fun! Recognising the challenges faced with conventional face to face training and the burden it can place on schools in terms of cost, time and supply cover, this year Sanjesh launched Spongy Elephant, a brand new, award-winning CPD platform for school and colleges.

Phil Dawson

Commercial Director, Airhead Education

Talk Title: Cloud Essentials - Teaching and Learning with Web Tools

Over the past decade or so, more and more applications and services have moved to the cloud. Everything from your shopping to your tax return can be completed quickly and easily online, saving you time and money. But what about schools? You may be surprised to learn just how much of your ICT you can now deliver over the web.

The purpose of this talk is to explore how the cloud not only supports teaching and learning, but how it can improve the experience for both teachers and learners. We will use Airhead as a platform to demonstrate a variety of web tools and the ways in which they can can save time, enhance learning and make the most of your existing investment in technology.

About Speaker:

Phil Dawson is an expert in the use of cloud technologies to support teaching, learning and the business of education. He has been an Educational Technologist for over 20 years, 10 of those in senior positions with the UK's leading education technology company where he worked on national projects such as the Scottish national learning platform. In 2011, he set up two companies, Learnocracy to offer support and training for schools that want to adopt cloud technologies such as Google G Suite and Microsoft O365, and Airhead Education to provide a web-based launchpad for schools.

Phillippa De'Ath

Chief Operating Officer, Arbor

Talk Title: From Insight to Action

How to use your performance data to understand how your school or MAT works - and then how to improve it! Phillippa will show you some practical examples of tools school leaders can use to overcome the systems-related problems of daily operation.

About Speaker:

Phillippa De’Ath is the Chief Operating Officer of Arbor Education Partners, an MIS platform for schools whose 100 staff support over 7,000 schools, and Co-Founder of Hackney New Schools, a pair of schools with an innovative curriculum focused on music. She began her tech career at IBM after graduating in Natural Sciences from Cambridge in 2002, where she worked as a Technical Systems Specialist and then a Management Consultant, helping FTSE100 firms use data more effectively to streamline their operations.

Before the glamour of education or data, Phillippa worked as a sound engineer at UK festivals like Reading, Creamfields and Bestival.

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